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16 Channel Linux PCI Video Capture Card

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Item Number: EA2024
Need a rock solid operating system and video recording solution?  Our Linux based PCI video capture card features up to 16 channels of both video and audio inputs.  With Linux, you're ensured a proven safe and stable operating system to record video in.

16 Channel DVR Security System

Software Specifications

1. Main System

Signal Input: Supports 16 channels of video (NTSC, PAL)

Resolution: Supports the resolution of monitor and record at
NTSC 720*480 (15fps) 720*240 (30fps) 360*240 (30fps)
PAL 720*576 (12.5fps) 720*288 (25fps) 360*288 (25fps)

Recording Quality: 5 levels of recording quality: Very Low/Low/Medium/High/Very High

Screen Display Layout: Split mode of layout for 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 16 with vertical, horizontal, tile, Focus and sequential view

Video Compression: H/W MPEG 4 (ISO/IEC 1496-2 MPEG-4 SOP@LEVEL 1,2,3 Dual Speed Full Hardwired MPEG4 Core Compression)

Motion Detection: Independent set multi motion detection areas (22 x 15)

Object Detection: Object missing, moving and left unattended

Pre/Post-Recording: Independent set pre-recording (5 seconds) and post-recording
(60 seconds) and the frame rate can be accelerated to 30 frames on motion detection record.

Full-Screen Display: Display monitoring image in full-screen

Alarm Notice: By Red border, E-Map, Beep, E-mail, SMS to Mobile Phone

Log Search: All events & system activities are logged in here, such as system startup/shutdown, remote/web connection, video signal logs/regains.

Backup Path: Can backup to designated Folder, RAID, CD-R or through Internet.

Record Mode: Continuously record, Motion detection record, Schedule record ,Alarm record ,Secret record, Event record & Forced record

Channel Names Setup: Setup each channels name display on screen in Chinese, English, even describe the location and utility of the channel.

Watch Dog: Auto-reboot while system shutdown

System Current Status Display: Display monitoring, storage capacity, operation status, alarm status.

P/T/Z Control: Supports P/T/Z cameras via RS232 to RS485 Converter and use the control panel of P/T/Z on the screen of UI.

I/O function: Provides 8 DI/8 DO Relay Module (optional) for further devices.

On-screen help for Users Manual

2. Authority

Authority setup is flexible and can be set by user according to: 1. Setup 2. Search 3. Remote View 4. Web View 5. PTZ Control 6. Relay Control 7. Image Enhance 8. Backup 9. Shutdown

3. Search & Playback

File Backup: Copy the whole file or selected video clip by time.

Playback: Pause, backward/forward, and seek, previous/next frame, seek begin/end at speed (0.1x~16x). Meanwhile, the video quality of HueBrightnessSaturation & Contrast can be adjusted during playback.

Image Enhancement: Video quality of brightness, contrast, hue & saturation can be enhanced while doing playback.

Bookmark: Bookmark is where information on specific image during data search can be saved for direct access afterwards.   

Up to 16 players search/playback video record at the same time.

Search file by channel, date & time and event.

4. Remote Control Function

Remote Monitor can be done thru IE Browser, RapidOS Client Software, and 3GPP

The UI of RapidOS Client Software is almost the same as the Main Screen.

Remote Control can monitor 16 videos at the same time.

Client Software can remote monitor 32 DVRs for 512 Cameras.

Up to 16 players search / play video record at the same time.

Remote search file by event, channel, date and time.

Automatically obtain IP address setting/DHCP Settings or by DDNS.

According to network bandwidth, assign video delivery rate to connection.

Start recording, stop recording, Backup and PTZ control from remote site.

Set motion detection area from remote site.

Recording scheduler from remote host according user priority.

Execute user manager from remote host according user priority.

Download video files (whole file or selected video clip) in local drive according user priority.

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