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Audio Jammer

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Have you ever seen a movie where a spy goes into a bathroom to turn on a shower to speak to someone?  Their trying to create background "static" so anyone listening to them via a wireless bug or with a remote microphone will only hear the running water, or "static".  While this could help in theory, there's actually advanced acoustic technology available that can remove the constant "running water" sound and filter out the conversation!

This device works on a similar concept.  It creates white-noise (similar to a running shower), but it also varies the frequency and amplitude at which this noise is created, thus creating a virtually impossible masking sound that someone else could filter out. 
It also doesn't waste water!

Effective against any microphone based eavesdropping device including tape recorders, RF transmitters, hard-wired microphones (including contact type) and shotgun microphones. It also protects against microwave or laser reflection pickups.

Because the sound from the jammer varies randomly in frequency and amplitude, it cannot be easily filtered and the only sound the eavesdropper will hear is the jammer noise.

The convenient end-mounted control lets you select the level of protection for your situation. One unit will protect up to 150 sq. ft. For protecting rooms larger than this, we recommend an additional jammer for each 150 sq. ft. of area.

The illustrated instructions show suggested jammer placement for different types of rooms and situations so that you can use the device effectively. Powered by one 9 volt alkaline battery (included). The unit measures 4" x 2.5" x 1.5" and weighs 7 oz.

PLEASE be advised, this device does emit a loud audible sound (this is the noise that covers up your conversation)!  This device will need to be turned up louder than your conversation in order for it to work effectively.
Couldn't I just turn on TV static or a loud radio instead?
While turning on additional noise making devices can help, most of these noises operate on a single frequency, thus allowing them to be removed or filtered out by someone else. 
audio jammer

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