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Birdhouse Security Hidden Video Camera

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Item Number: EA945
Protect Your Property with a "Birds Eye View" - Covert Bird Feeder Camera/DVR.

Introducing SecureShot "Yard Guard".  Our new line of covert, weatherproof digital video recorders designed to protect outdoor assets and property.  With our exclusive micro PIR motion activation system, there is virtually no battery drain while on standby, and no false alarms.  As soon as "body heat" is detected, up to 30 feet away, hi resolution (640 X 480) video is recorded on a hidden SD card.  Recording continues until 1 minute after motion ceases, then the unit automatically returns to standby mode.  Rechargeable high capacity Li-ion battery offers 1 year of standby operation and over 20 hours of actual recording per charge. Recordings can be played back to TV/VCR directly from unit, or SD card can be removed and played on your PC.

    * "No Battery Drain" Standby System
    * 1 Year Standby Battery Power
    * 20 Hours Recording Per Charge
    * 450 LOR HI Res Color Sony CCD
    * PIR Motion Activation
    * Time/Date Stamp

    * 640 x 480 VGA High Resolution @12~ 1 fps (User Selectable)
    * MPEG4 (30fps real time video) Resolution 320 X 240
    * Low Light Color CCD 450 LOR Camera .05 Lux
    * PIR Motion Activation
    * 1X,2X,4X,8X,16X,32X Playback Speeds
    * Upgradeable firmware via SD card for future upgrades
    * Image size dependant on amount of motion (25kb ~ 160kb @ 30fps)
    * Embedded Time/Date Stamp
    * Uses windows media player on SD card playback (PC)
    * Supports up to 16Gb SD card
    * Angle of view: 90 degrees

    * Bird Feeder Camera/DVR
    * Recharger
    * 4 Gb SD Card
    * SD Card Reader
    * IR Remote Control
    * Instruction Book
    * RCA Connector Cable

Bird Feeder hidden camera

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