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The SD Phone Call Recorder - the Best Phone Call Recorder

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For those looking for an easy way to regularly record calls or your looking for a fully digital setup to record and store phone conversations, this call recorder does it all!

The SD Phone Recorder records all conversations (both incoming and outgoing calls) along with caller ID directly to an SD memory card.  With over 340 hours of storage on a standard 2Gb memory card (170 hours recording per GByte), the SD Recorder is a perfect mix of stand-alone (no PC required) functionality.  A built in speaker and microphone allow for playback and note or room recording with the press of a button.  The included software allows you to copy recorded call conversations to a PC and archive them allowing for later playback if and when needed.  The software also allows you to email or export .WAV files of the recording so you can share them as needed (or send them to a company of choice for dictation services).

With traditional phones simply connect the line coming out of the phone jack into the SD Call Recorder, and then plug your phone into the SD Call Recorder.  For IP, digital, and other phones without access to the direct line simply use the Handset Mode by plugging the small cable (provided) from the SD Call Recorder into the telephone handset socket located on the base of the phone, then connect the curly handset cord (from the phone) into the SD Call Recorder.

- SD Recorder unit
- Power supply unit
- 2 x AA batteries
- 1 x Line cord plus 1 x handset cord
- PC software CD and quick reference install guide
- 1GB SD Card

New Features (as of 2011) include:
  • Backlit display
  • Larger SD capacity (Maximum SD card size of 16 GB)
  • Better battery life (when used)
  • Upgraded firmware for improved performance

Secure Digital Telephone Recorder key features include:
* Secure digital call recording, up to 340 hours recording on one memory card.
* Caller ID, digits dialed, time, date, duration and comments stored.
* Battery or mains adapter powered.
* Auto start/stop record using line current detect or voice detect.
* Supplied with Comvurgents world renowned XtR Desktop software for call search/playback and management on PC.
* Connects directly to analogue line or to digital/IP telephone handset cords.
* Built-in microphone for room/memo recording.
* 102 x 64 dot LCD displays all important call information and lists recent calls.
* Rapid search and playback controls.
* Playback via built-in speaker or headset socket for privacy (also via PC with software supplied).
* Security features to prevent unauthorized access.
* Add-on Bluetooth adapter available for recording mobile telephone calls.

XtR Desktop - Recording Features:
* Time & date stamp on every recording
* Caller ID and dialed digits detection
* Recording level indicator
* Add comments/notes to assist searching
* Snapshot feature allows playback of current call while still recording
* Highlight important calls.

Desktop Recording Software

XtR Desktop - Playback Features:
* Level indicator gives call activity
* Drag n' drop curser rapidly locates key points in conversation
* Pause & Continue manual controls
* Restrict User from Stopping, Pausing, Deleting or Exporting Recordings
* Search & list calls by:
        o Time & date
        o Duration
        o Caller ID or dialed digits
        o Comments/notes made
        o Importance
* Email recordings to colleagues (as .wav file or compressed file)
* One touch Convert to .wav.

Recorder playback software

*Note: Windows 95, 98, NT and Macintosh are not supported.

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