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Vehicle Locator: Find your car in a parking lot

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Item Number: EA2054
Introducing the all new auto finder -- keep it on your keychain and it will guide you to your vehicle the next time you forgot where you parked!
  • Up to 1/2 mile range
  • No Monthly fees
  • One touch design guides you to safety
  • Interchangeble between cars
  • Does not require open sky like GPS
How does the Auto-Finder Work?
The Auto-Finder uses a blend of exciting new technologies with traditional radio frequency (RF) technology. Both the handheld Pointer Remote and the in-car Beacon can send and receive radio signals. After activating the Beacon and verifying that it is the one you are looking for, the Pointer Remote picks up this signal and translates it into clear visual and audible prompts to point you in the exact direction of your vehicle.

What types of batteries are used?
The hand-held Pointer Remote uses two size 27A batteries. The in-car Beacon uses three standard AA alkaline batteries. All Auto-Finders include batteries. Extra batteries are available for purchase.

How do I insert new batteries?
The handheld Pointer Remote has an easy to remove battery slide which gives access to the battery compartment. To remove the battery slide on the Pointer Remote, press firmly on the battery slide arrows and slide off. Similarly, the batteries can be installed into the in-car Beacon by pressing firmly on the battery slide arrows and sliding off.

How long will the batteries last?
Battery life will depend on use. Using an example of one use per day, the expected battery life in the hand-held Pointer Remote is 4-6 months. Using the same example for the in-car Beacon, the battery life is 6-9 months.

Will the Auto-Finder work in cold weather?
If your vehicle is exposed to temperatures below 32oF/0oC or above 100oF/38oC, use of non-rechargeable Lithium AA batteries is recommended. Lithium batteries provide superior performance in extreme hot and cold temperatures, and will last much longer than standard alkaline batteries. For the Pointer Remote, alkaline size 27A, 12V batteries are recommended.

How do I know when to replace batteries?

The Auto-Finder hand-held Pointer Remote will sound 1 long beep when the search button is pressed notifying you that the batteries need to be replaced, but will continue to operate until the batteries are exhausted. The in-car Beacon will notify you when the batteries are low by sounding a short beep every minute but will continue to operate until the batteries are exhausted.

How do I install the Auto-Finder in-car Beacon?

First be sure that the batteries are installed properly and the Beacon and Pointer Remote are paired and working. To insure a proper bond do not install the Beacon if the glass is warm or hot to the touch. Simply remove the backing on the adhesive pad in the underside of the Beacon. Using the alcohol wipe, clean the desired area on the windshield where the Beacon is to be installed and let the area fully dry. Then, press the Beacon firmly to the glass. Following the installation allow the car to sit in the shade or garage for at least 6-8 hours to allow the adhesive to bond to the glass.

What range does the Auto-Finder have?
The Auto-Finder has a maximum range of about ½ mile. This is based upon an outdoor application in a line-of-sight situation. Obstacles such as walls, buildings, vehicles and other people will reduce the maximum range proportionately.

Should I walk around while I am pressing the Search button?
Never walk while pressing the Search button. The directional information will be confusing and you may not be heading in the right direction. Always follow these steps:
  • Stop
  • Press the Search button and slowly scan the whole parking area
  • Observe the sounds and arrows for the strongest indication
  • Release the Search button
  • Walk in the direction of the strongest indication

Will the Auto-Finder work through obstacles such as vehicles or walls?
Yes, but depending on the type of obstacle the performance of the Auto-Finder could be affected. Large buildings and metallic surfaces such as large trucks will reflect the Auto-Finder signal and make it more difficult to accurately determine the direction of your vehicle. It is recommended to stand away from adjacent vehicles, walls, buildings and other large objects when searching for your vehicle to obtain the best performance of the Auto-Finder.

Can the Auto-Finder work indoors?

The Auto-Finder was designed to locate parked vehicles in parking lots from long distances away. From inside buildings oftentimes the signal is blocked from entering the building or will not give accurate directional information.

How do I use the Auto-Finder if I am parked in an above-ground parking structure?

In an above-ground parking structure, move away from the stairway or elevator, press and hold the Search button and scan the area of the level you are standing on. The Pointer Remote will give the strongest signal indication if you are standing on the same level as your parked vehicle. If your vehicle is not on this level, slowly point up and then point down. Then go up or down one level as indicated by the strongest signal and try again. Note that not all parking structures will offer the same results.

Does the Auto-Finder work in an underground parking lot?

Yes, to use the Auto-Finder in an underground parking lot, exit the stairway or elevator on the highest floor and stand away from other vehicles. Press the Search button and scan the level you are on. If there is a strong signal, walk in the indicated direction. If not, go down one level and try again until a strong signal is indicated.

What should I do if the Auto-Finder indicates more than one direction?
The Auto-Finder is a radio frequency product, therefore is susceptible to the signals reflecting off of objects such as walls, buildings, hills, and large metallic objects. In some cases the reflected signal will be stronger than the actual direction of your vehicle. In all situations, scan the complete parking area and always walk in the direction of the strongest signal indication. If the signal is reflecting off of a building or other object, walk toward that object anyway and try your search again. Once you have a better angle toward your parked vehicle, the Pointer Remote will indicate a stronger signal in the actual direction of your vehicle.

Does the Auto-Finder work abroad?
Yes, the Auto-Finder works in every country.

What if I lose my Auto-Finder Hand-Held Pointer Remote?
This is no problem; simply contact us to purchase a replacement Pointer Remote. You can remove your lost Pointer Remote from the Beacon pairing memory so that someone who finds it cannot locate your car. Then you can pair your new Pointer Remote to your Beacon.

How do I erase the Beacon pairing memory?
Remove one of the batteries from the Beacon. Using a paper clip, hold the pairing button down while re-installing the battery. The Beacon will sound an acknowledgement (either two short beeps or five short beeps). No Pointer Remotes will then be paired. Now any Pointer Remotes will need to be re-paired.

What if I own more than one vehicle? Can one Pointer Remote be used to find all of them?

Yes, a single Pointer Remote can be paired with an unlimited number of Beacons. Therefore your Pointer Remote can locate any number of vehicles in the same household. Simply pair your Pointer Remote to each Beacon you own and you are ready to go. Just remember, if you activate your Search while two or more family vehicles are within range, the directional information will be ineffective.

What if there are multiple drivers of the same vehicle in our family?

Up to five different drivers in the same family can locate the same vehicle. Up to five Pointer Remotes can pair to each Beacon. Simply pair each of your Pointer Remotes to the Beacon in each vehicle.

Will other Auto-Finders find my car?
No, each Auto-Finder is programmed with a personal code that is uniquely registered to each Pointer Remote. Therefore when paired to the Beacon, the Beacon will only respond to the paired Pointer Remotes (up to five possible).

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Blake (Tempe, AZ) 10/12/2010 3:50 PM
I like this device. At first I was a little confused on how to use it but their company has some nice videos online to help. I just had to practice a bunch cuz it works a little different depending on the situation. Works way better in a parking garage than my blackberry...
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