Security Systems: Everything You Need to Know

Everybody wants their property and belongings to be safe; usually, we take our safety and safety of our property and belongings for granted. When someone or something interrupts that, we feel extremely upset. When someone practices illegal activity on our expense, the consequent damage can be both material and sentimental. In many cases, victims are damaged for good; items and belonging are never found or compensated. Therefore, ask yourself a question; did I take all of the measures to ensure that my property, belonging, and loved ones are safe?

Investing in security systems is always a smart choice. You work hard entire life in order to provide a home to your family, so why jeopardize that? If you decide to check out what is there to do in Split and go for a vacation to the Mediterranean, you should do more than locking the doors and asking a neighbor to have a look at your house while you are on vacation.

Security systems are crucial to every aspect and functioning of every household, private business, and public budding and areas. Modern society is built on organization and law, and even though the crime still exists, but there are tools to prevent it. Security systems are a necessity!

Elite Asset Protection: Solutions

Elite Asset Protection offers a variety of security systems solutions for home protection, personal protection, and a wide range of business needs. You can find entire alarming and surveillance solutions with the best security cameras offer. Furthermore, we offer spy gear and GPS trackers that can have multiple purposes. GPS trackers are perfect solutions for life-saving situations, and it can be used for any purpose. The best example is expeditions and trips to remotes areas, like mountains or the sea. Long rides on the open sea, like a day trip to Blue Lagoon from Split, can get tricky if the weather turns bad so it is always good to have GPS trackers as the security measure in case that ship gets off the course and lose radio communication with the land.


Alarming systems for private, business or other purposes are more or less working on the same principle. The main objective is to secure entry points and those are doors and windows. You can secure the interior of the property and it is usually done when you keep valuables within the building. We all see how it looks in the movies, invisible laser beams and multiple sensors around the place, and it’s pretty much accurate. Securing interior can be done with motion detectors, sound detectors or both. Alarms can be very loud or silent so you do not scare off intruders before the police come. There are many solutions and it all depends on your need for a security system or your budget.

The main components of the alarming systems are sensors and control panels. As we previously mentioned, sensors depend on the type of alarming system. They are placed in the doors and windows, and when the doors and windows are closed and the alarming system is armed, they can be triggered by the opening of those objects as they break security circle by their motion. The control panel is a computer that arms and disarms the security system and controls alarming points. They can be controlled by the password, fingerprint, voice command, and remotely with the wireless controller.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are a tool that can be used for many purposes. Many homeowners are installing cameras to protect themselves and to use filmed material for lawsuits or as just to be and evidence if something bad happens. There are so many cases of neighbor issues, delivery mishandling, and other general issues that can be solved with proper evidence and that is exactly what security camera does. They can be placed outside and inside the building; they can vary in size and be so small that you are not even able to notice it. The best example of miniature cameras are those hidden in a small object, and they can get a person that you are monitoring off guard. The best examples are baby sitters that abused children, but the parents had no evidence. Surveillance cameras and surveillance systems are so advanced that they can be controlled with the smartphone and you can even have a notification on the phone if something is happening. There is a case of a man that was on the vacation with his family and he got the alarm on the phone triggered by his security system. When he opened the app he saw intruders on the surveillance camera that was about to rob his place. He called the police and the got caught within the minutes. Security cameras have a huge value, as sometimes they are the only proof of the crime.

GPS trackers

GPS trackers and tracking system can be used for objects, animals, and humans. It is known that GPS tracker is placed on the animals within the scientific project where they are checking, tracking and measuring their movement and location for scientific purposes. An object like vehicles can be tracked for the case of the theft Modern, well-equipped cars can be traced, as they are more likely to be stolen. People can have tracking devices if they are on probation or if there is a court decision on them if they are suffering from a mental condition like Alzheimer’s. GPS tracker is a great life-saving tool if you are going to an expedition in the wilds, it can be a mountain or you are about to sail across the ocean. If you end up in a dangerous situation, you can trigger the SOS call and turn on the tracker. It is a life-saving solution, as you can be located and found in the wilderness, which would be hard or impossible if you are without one.

Spy gadgets

Spying solutions are offering voice recorders, key loggers to record computer activities, devices to monitor cell phones, and spy cameras. We are not talking about James Bond scenario and tools, these tools are meant for protection, and to investigate if you are being a victim of a fraud or family affair. All of the tools are under strict regulation of the law.