Top 10 Guard Dog Breeds

The safety of your home or private space should be your priority and something you should really think on well. Your home or the place where you work is your oasis of peace and should give you a sense of security and protection. No furniture or arrangement can replace the sense of security from burglaries and thieves and can be accomplished in various ways.


Modern technology is advancing at top speed, so quality electronics are easily available and will help protect your home from burglars or alert you that something is happening and that something is wrong. The methods of protection are various and you can choose them according to your wishes and options.

  1. Invest in quality security doors
  2. Cameras
  3. Gas detectors
  4. Motion detectors
  5. Alarm

If that is not enough for you, or you are still unsure about the safety of your home or facility, consider taking a secure dog. Undoubtedly, guard dogs are ready to protect you and your family even when their lives are at risk or danger, depending on the dog type; some dogs are better at it and are famous as selfless guardians who recognize potential threats and dangers.


We have already concluded that not every breed is the same and that not all dogs are suitable for keeping indoors with your family, especially if you have small children. When provoked, some dogs can become very aggressive. There are three types of guard dogs: dogs for the household, dogs that are guarding the herds and those performing both tasks. There are many breeds that are more or less suitable for protecting a private home or working place, and any of them can be selected as a guard.

  1. German or Belgian Shepherd
  2. Rottweiler
  3. Doberman
  4. Cane Corso
  5. American Stafford
  6. American or Japanese Akita
  7. Kangal
  8. Bullmastiff
  9. Boxer
  10. Tibetan mastiff